Sarah Fadness

Sarah Fadness grew up in Northern Virginia and was subsequently based in Texas before moving to NZ. She plays at a number of Auckland venues including Hallertau, the Riverhead and Deep Creek and is quickly forging her name as a charismatic and talented Americana/roots artist with a versatility of style and repertoire which makes her a compelling selection for any line up or festival event. Here’s a brief blurb, some links to a few of her own tunes, and a link to a clip and a recent shot of her performing at Hallertau:

Sarah FADNESS, popularly known as Fatty/Faddy, Fat, and FadNASTY, is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Austin, TX. Originally from Northern Virginia, she is now based in Auckland, New Zealand… The curious land where bees can kill you and “Z”s are pronounced “ZED”.

American Girl’ – recent live Instagram clip from Hallertau

Fadness EP

Bad Things